Promoting Faculty

Engagement and  Participation

An active and engaged faculty brings us together to reach common goals and makes our union strong.  As your EMU-AAUP Leadership team we will...


Support our Departmental Stewards in the following ways:

  • Provide clear guidelines for the role of Steward and support their efforts through regular contact with the Vice President and Grievance Officers

  • Communicate with Stewards on a regular basis via face to face meetings and email updates

  • Provide information, resources, and documents to stewards, to share with their colleagues, via a shared Google Drive


Support Faculty Senate and work collaboratively with Faculty Senate Leadership on issues relevant to both the Senate and EMU-AAUP Executive Committee


Regularly poll the faculty on issues or concerns (via surveys or small focus groups)


Coordinate social gatherings to bring together faculty from across departments and colleges


Encourage faculty attendance and participation at chapter meetings, Board of Regents Faculty Affairs meetings, and other events and gatherings on campus where faculty voice is critical


Provide transparent updates about issues, concerns, ongoing activities, etc., through regular communications from the Executive Committee directly to faculty

Increasing the role of the stewards to do intake on grievances for their department faculty